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ministy of abstract certificates office1, 2023

Installation, ministy of abstract certificates office1, 2023

>> Dear Visitor,

Welcome to 'The Ministry of Abstract Certificates' (MoAC). We are delighted to introduce our meticulous categorization system, unveiling the authentic truth about individuals.

Our 21 categories, including the unique 'Others,' cater to nearly every conceivable character, offering a haven for those defying conventional classification. Office1, managed by Ann-Sophie Blücher, oversees nine categories: Citizens, Gamblers, Broken, Saints, Tyrants, Superstars, Invisibles, Fighters, and Dead.

With over 120 individuals presently classified in Office1, each person receives a visual documentation, a detailed CV, and an official certificate reflecting their specific category. MoAC is committed to revealing the true essence of every individual, making us the unparalleled categorization system.

We appreciate your trust as we embark on this journey together at 'The Ministry of Abstract Certificates.' >>

Ann-Sophie Blücher (Citizens), 2023

Categories of the exhibitied office:

--> Citizens <--

--> Tyrants <--

--> Superstars <--

--> Fighters <--

--> Saints <--

--> Invisible <--

--> Broken <--

--> Gamblers <--

--> Dead <--

Official discribtion of all categories: