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2022-2024 MFA - Goldsmiths University, London, Uk
2019-2022 BFA - Chelsea College of Arts, ual, London, Uk


10-11/2023 Another Day Another Archetype, group show, Lewisham Art House, London, Uk
09/2023 Toxic Flowers and Spring of Life, Pop up, Dresden, Germany
05/2023 It could rain in a room this big, group show, Seager Gallery, London, Uk

11/2021 Charity auction, group exhibition, Gallery Descher, Berlin Germany

08/2020 blurry, blurry, blurry, solo exhibition, tete, Berlin, Germany

Curatorial projects:

2021, AveMarie, exhibition, Melania Toma, Nikita Sukhov, Kjeld Undseth, Stephane Nabil, Vincent Matuschka
2021, AveMarie, exhibition, Anabel Scheffold, Ines Kaufmann, Maria Vittoria Faldini
2021, ArtKolkhoz and AveMarie, exhibition, Ausstellung für Mama, featuring over 50 artist, Vienna, Austria  
2020, AveMarie, exhibition, Corona Exhibition II, Fenna Kosfeld and Vincent Matuschka, Frankfurt Germany 
2020, AveMarie, exhibition, Guanhai Zhu and Qiliang Huang, London, UK
2020, AveMarie, livingroom concert with William Jack, London, UK
2020, AveMarie, exhibition, Mitchell Bradshaw and Juri Muller, London, UK
2019, AveMarie, BAZAR, goessly, London, UK
2019, AveMarie, exhibition, Clara Jebsen und Vincent Matuschka, London, UK

12/2019 found AveMarie showroom, London, UK

Studio assistens: 

2019-2021, James Capper
2018, Alicja Kwade
2018-2019, Zhivago Duncan