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findyourpath, 2023

group exhibition at Gallery Seager, London

Find Your Path - Unlock Doors, Transform Lives!

Discover, where the power to transform awaits your life. Unleash your potential by choosing from a captivating selection of doors and objects that will redefine your journey. Embrace new beginnings, explore endless possibilities, and step into a life filled with purpose.

Behind each door lies a unique opportunity for change and self-discovery. Whether it's a door representing a thrilling career change, a door changing perspective, a door leading to exciting adventures, or a door unveiling hidden passions. You hold the key for unlocking your desired path.

It's time to break free from the ordinary and embrace a life that reflects who you truly are, and you can truly become. Visit today and unlock the doors that lead to a transformed and purpose-driven existence.

Discover. Choose. Transform.


Seager Gallery, 2023


findyourpath_sidewalk_door, 2023, 120x100x10cm Metal, aluminium, capsul


findyourpath_elevator_dial, 2023, 80x24cm, mixed media, capsul